Video: 3 reasons why ObamaCare won't reduce the deficit

Nick Gillespie at Reason TV manages to explain in just over two minutes why Americans should put no trust in Barack Obama’s claim that ObamaCare will reduce the federal deficit.  First, the “doctor fix” has already been scored as a deficit buster, and Democrats had to promise it to get the AMA to support ObamaCare.  Second, the inevitable higher premiums will increase costs in the system faster than anyone predicts, as Massachusetts demonstrated after its own health-care reform.  Third … who believes government cost projections, anyway?

For those too young to remember, the theme music and imagery come from the 1970s television series Emergency!, which made momentary stars out of Randolph Mantooth and Kevin Tighe, the latter of whom has had a better career as a character actor playing heavies in John Sayles’ films, especially Matewan and Eight Men Out.  The series was one of Jack Webb’s projects showing first responders in dramatic situations, along the same lines as Dragnet and Adam-12.  Unfortunately, the budget emergency has been obvious for a long time, but the first responders in this situation insist on throwing gasoline on the fire.

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