Interview with Ken Hoagland, Online Tax Revolt

Earlier today, I spoke with author and activist Ken Hoagland of the Online Tax Revolt, a new effort to create a virtual march on Washington for April 15th.  Ken talked about the need for opponents of the existing tax system to link arms and demand a reform of the tax code, which exists to serve those in power far more than it does to serve the people.  People can design their own avatar to represent them individually, and the Online Tax Revolt will bring those individual petitions to the capital on Tax Day to demand real change and a return to government by the people and for the people, not government by entrenched elites for entrenched elites.


Although Ken has authored a book promoting the fair tax proposal, The Fair Tax Solution, excerpts of which are available at Ken’s website, the coalition supporting the Online Tax Revolt comprises backers of other solutions as well:

  • Mike Huckabee
  • Herman Cain
  • Rep. Tom Price
  • Rep. Jeb Hensarling
  • Michael Reagan
  • Joe “The Plumber” Wurzelbacher
  • Neal Boortz
  • Re. Dan Lungren

I may also join as a leader and put together a team of Hot Air readers for this effort.  Keep an eye out for more information on that, but in the meantime, get signed up as soon as you can to lend your voices to the effort.  Enjoy the interview!

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