Video: In November, voters make the choice

We can expect the ObamaCare bill — and the tactics that carried it to its successful conclusion — to be a major part of the midterm elections. The NRCC got a head start on it this weekend, releasing this new video overnight for its Code Red campaign against House Democrats that voted for the bill. They remind voters that they’ll have the final say in November:

The one image should look familiar to Hot Air readers; I use that picture for some unemployment stories. And that’s not a bad connection to make, since the pricing signals from ObamaCare will keep companies from expanding their staffs as much as possible in order to avoid the new costs ObamaCare will impose on them. Even though the main part of these mandates and penalties don’t take effect for a couple of years, businesses now have even greater incentive to avoid expansion until no other options exist. Even in a growth economy, that will keep job creation low, and that will create even more resentment in this midterm election and probably in 2012 as well.

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