Video: "America's Comeback"

The Republican Governors Association published this video during the week, a slick production of a think piece and philosophical declaration rather than a specific policy statement. Instead of looking to Washington for all of the answers, we need to look to ourselves and our communities, the RGA believes, and delivers that message in a dramatic presentation. A bit long, but then they have a lot of ground to cover:

It’s a rather stirring video, as it’s intended to be, and well done. Other than the corruption under Democratic leadership, there are few specifics, but it’s not supposed to be an issue debate, either. This will appeal to the large majority of people who believe this country is headed in the wrong direction – now two-thirds of the country — and give that dissatisfaction a theme.

The RGA is a natural mechanism for an anti-Washington message. Let’s hope that the rest of the Republican Party has learned from its “big-government conservatism” experiment in the last decade.

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David Strom 6:01 AM on June 06, 2023