Yo-mentum: Unions bully Boccieri into flipping

Let’s see. John Boccieri (D-OH) opposed the initial House bill on ObamaCare, supposedly because of his principles. Now he’s flipping to a yes vote, and why?

He is one of four Democrats to switch from no to yes in the past few days as Obama and Democratic leaders try to corral enough votes for the legislation. A vote is expected on Sunday.

Boccieri has been pressured on the issue. Labor unions and other groups backing health care reform ran ads in his district.

So why did he oppose it in the first place? It looks as though Boccieri got a pass from Nancy Pelosi the first time around to protect his election prospects this fall. The 16th CD in Ohio elected him in 2008 as its first Democratic Representative since 1951. In a year when Ohio went to Barack Obama, John McCain won this district, 50/48.

Unfortunately, that puts the Democrats just a vote away from passing the reconciliation bill, according to Fox News. Those numbers are not set in stone; more changes will inevitable occur today and tomorrow, and they may go the other direction. This looks like Pelosi has decided to force those she tried to protect the first time around into exposing themselves to voter wrath, which means that all the cards are now hitting the table. If she can’t pull off the vote on Sunday, this last-minute desperation will cost Democrats dearly for nothing at all.

Will OH-16 voters let Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Party’s special interests control this seat in November? I’m betting no. (via TRS)

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