Biden spreads his own special kind of St. Paddy's Day cheer

God love ya, Joe. If you didn’t exist, we’d have to invent you. Red Lasso picks up this remarkable round of diplomacy from our esteemed Vice President Joe Biden, who bungles an introduction for Irish PM Brian Cowen at a celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. Biden reminds us why none of us want to ever see Barack Obama impeached:

Vice President Biden added to his lengthy list of gaffes Wednesday when he took a moment to honor the memory of the Irish prime minister’s mother — a woman who’s very much alive.

“God rest her soul,” Biden said as he introduced Brian Cowen and President Obama at a St. Patrick’s Day celebration at the White House Wednesday. …

“Wait … your mom’s still, your mom is still alive. It was your Dad (who) passed. God bless her soul. I gotta get this straight,” Biden said.

It would have been nice if he’d gotten it straight before opening his mouth — but then he wouldn’t be Joe Biden. Stand up and let ’em see you, Joe!

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