Videos: Bachmann accuses Pelosi of manipulating the Massa Disasta at the Kill the Bill Rally

It took me most of the day yesterday, but I managed to finally get my video loaded of Michele Bachmann’s speech from the Kill the Bill Rally on Saturday afternoon in St. Paul. Rep. Bachmann spares no one in this 22-minute excerpt from her keynote address at the end of the rally. She accuses Nancy Pelosi and Democratic leadership in the House of covering up Eric Massa’s transgressions for months while they attempted to wheedle him into a yes vote on ObamaCare, then suddenly publicizing the allegations to get him to resign to eliminate his no vote instead. Bachmann quotes Article I, Section 7 in declaring the Slaughter Strategy unconstitutional and stating that Americans have no requirement to comply with laws passed under that mechanism. That’s just the spice in a lengthy and worthwhile stemwinder against the Democratic effort to impose a government takeover on an electorate that clearly doesn’t want one:

The weird Eric Massa eruption has had some unexplained mysteries. Apparently, Democratic leadership knew about this well before it went to the Ethics Committee, but chose not to say anything about it. When it finally made its way to the Ethics panel, though, Steny Hoyer made a point of exposing it to the media — which as Massa pointed out, was not at all the usual process. Pelosi and Hoyer seems to have wanted Massa around for a while, only to decide suddenly that they didn’t. Maybe there’s a more innocent explanation than Bachmann’s suggestion that fits all the facts of the case, but I’d like to see it if it exists.

Note: “Massa Disasta” coined by CentristNet.