NYT's great moment in objective journalism

Via CentristNet, an image that has to be seen to be believed. What do you think the New York Times had in mind with this imagery?

But the plan’s fate could depend on how a couple dozen Democratic congressmen answer the questions Mr. McConnell and Mr. Obama raised: Would passing health care devastate Democratic chances in the fall? Would rejecting it devastate a Democratic presidency?

In other words, will the Obama presidency become a political martyr for the progressive agenda?  It’s not terribly difficult to discern the subtext, if it can even really be called that, from the Times’ article.  What’s rather amazing is that the Paper of Record puts this in its news section rather than Opinion.

Next time, use a photograph.  Leave the Nola Lopez “illustrations” for the cartoon section, unless the Times wants to leave the impression that its entire paper is a cartoon … a strategy that, in this case, would be considered a success.