John Kline at the Kill the Bill Rally

Rep. John Kline, the Republican Congressman who represents my district, gave the opening speech at the Kill the Bill Rally yesterday on the state capital mall. Kline, a former colonel in the Marine Corps, doesn’t mince words or waste a lot of time in this address. Each speaker got seven minutes (with the exception of Rep. Michele Bachmann’s keynote speech), but no one would have begrudged Kline the opportunity to speak at length. Instead, Kline gave a disciplined and relatively brief speech, outlining the outrages contained in the ObamaCare bill.

A couple of technical notes. First, I shot this with my Flip HD, which worked well under less-than-perfect circumstances, as you’ll see in the playback. As one of the speakers, I could only shoot the dais from the speaker area, which was overrun with attendees even at this point, and got much worse when Bachmann spoke — which is part of the reason why I thought crowd estimates were too low. Because of the crowd around me, you’ll probably here some conversations taking place, although the audio should be clear enough to hear Rep. Kline. The American flag whips in and out of the shot, which gives viewers an idea of the cold wind blowing but also may be a bit distracting.

I’m having some trouble uploading the Bachmann video. It may be later tonight before I can post it.