Ramirez on Democrats' ObamaCare death wish

No one can accuse two-time Pulitzer Prize winning editorial cartoonist Michael Ramirez of holding back — or of Investors Business Daily of a lack of courage in publishing him.  His latest take on the Democrats’ headlong rush to electoral oblivion in the midterms, and perhaps beyond, is dead-on accurate.  Backbenchers are being asked to blow up their political careers in order to save President Obama’s term in office.  But expect people to strongly object to the imagery and the declaration Ramirez uses:

Provocative?  Absolutely.  But this isn’t insinuating that Obama is a secret Muslim or that Democrats are terrorists.  It accuses Democrats of putting Obama the man ahead of their own Constitutional obligations, and their own careers.  Perhaps that could also have been depicted as falling on a grenade or committing seppuku, but for this age, the image instantly communicates exactly what the artist intends.

What do you think?

Ramirez has a terrific collection of his works: Everyone Has the Right to My Opinion, which covers the entire breadth of Ramirez’ career, and it gives a fascinating look at political history.  Read my review here, and watch my interviews with Ramirez here and here.  And don’t forget to check out the entire Investors.com site, which has now incorporated all of the former IBD Editorials, while individual investors still exist.