Obamateurism of the Day

With ObamaCare struggling to survive, Barack Obama has two messages for the American people. First, the time for talk is over. Second … he’s coming to every town he can to talk about how the time for talk is over. Not that this is a new message, mind you; whether the subject is energy independence, global warming, health care, Porkulus, or Porkulus again, Obama wants us to know that the time for talk is over.

I compiled a mashup of a few repeats of Obama’s greatest hit:

Isn’t it odd that a man who likes doing nothing but nonstop talking wants everyone else to shut up? After all, this is the same man who spoke more at the health-care summit — an Obama idea of spending a whole day talking — than the entire Republican contingent combined. Obviously, Obama prefers monologue over dialogue, and he’ll make sure everyone knows it on his latest “Shut up, he explained” tour.

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