Video: Bachmann calls for probe into WH judicial appointment

Via the Right Scoop, based on the rather, er, timely appointment of Scott Matheson to the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals at the same time Barack Obama hosted his brother, Rep. Jim Matheson (D-UT) at the White House to convince him to switch to a yes vote on ObamaCare.  Alan Grayson calls this “weapons of mass distraction” and a “tangent” from the real issue, which is health care.  But as Michele Bachmann says, corruption is never a “tangent”:

Besides, which candidate for President promised to change the way Washington works?  Which candidate promised “Hope and Change,” and a new era of transparency?  Which political party promised in 2006 to provide “Open, Honest Government”?  Those weren’t “tangents” in 2006 or 2008.
That being said, the likelihood of an independent probe into this is about the same as Barack Obama suddenly announcing that he’s converted to supply-side economics and proposing the elimination of the Department of Education.  The Department of Justice under Eric Holder will treat it with the same urgency as voter-intimidation tactics in Philadelphia, and the current Congress will get right on this obvious bribe immediately after looking into Nancy Pelosi’s power grab on Ways and Means.