How not to run for Congress, 2010 version

Carol Shea-Porter didn’t learn her lesson from six weeks ago. The Union-Leader reports that Nancy Pelosi will hold a big fundraiser for the incumbent Democratic Representative this Friday, hoping to rescue Shea-Porter from an angry electorate. Unfortunately, Pelosi is part of Shea-Porter’s problem:

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi will raise money for New Hampshire Rep. Carol Shea-Porter later this week in Boston.

The Granite Status has learned the Shea-Porter campaign has sent out invitations to a fund-raising reception featuring Pelosi and Shea-Porter on Friday at The Liberty Hotel on Beacon Hill.

“Please send all checks to Carol Shea-Porter for Congress,” with a Rochester post office box, the invitations say.

Republicans jumped at the chance to tie Shea-Porter to Nancy Pelosi, calling her the Speaker’s “sock puppet” and the fundraiser a “nice reward” for her devotion to the Pelosi-Obama agenda. That led to this rather interesting defense by the state Democratic Party chair, Derek Richer:

State Democratic Party spokesman Derek Richer countered that Shea-Porter “has been an independent voice in Congress and will continue to fight for the best interests of her constituents.”

Richer’s defense got undermined by Shea-Porter herself six weeks ago. This clip shows the Congresswoman attempting to convince the audience that she’s working hard for her constituents — mainly by working hard for Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama. Pay attention to the reaction:

“Just giving full disclosure here” — that the Republicans were right to call her Pelosi’s sock puppet. If that’s what Democrats believe “independence” to be, it explains why they think “bipartisanship” means “agreeing with Democrats 100% of the time.” That fundraiser with Pelosi will remind truly independent Granite State voters that a vote for Shea-Porter means a vote for the radical Pelosi-Obama agenda.