Townhall Magazine's March Edition: Tea Parties, ObamaCare, Nixon Redux, and more!

The new issue of Townhall Magazine has hit the newstands and mailboxes around the US, and it’s chock-full of conservative goodness.  If you subscribe now, you can still get these articles this month:

  • In “Full Speed Ahead,” the issue’s cover story, Townhall Magazine contributing editor Meredith Jessup reports that despite the loud and clear messages Americans have been sending—from tea parties and town halls to shocking GOP victories in Virginia, New Jersey and the liberal stronghold of Massachusetts—President Obama intends to put the pedal to the metal with his progressive, big-government agenda.
  • We reveal the ugly racist, eugenic history of Planned Parenthood, the organization that has found that killing minority babies is good business; the government wants a greater role in getting students into college, even if it’s a bad idea; and the Supreme Court hears another vital gun-rights case.

  • Cato Institute health care expert Michael Cannon warns in “ObamaCare: It’s Not Dead Yet” that it’s a mistake for opponents of the Left’s attempt to take over the health care industry to assume the fight is won, even in light of Scott Brown’s victory. Democrats are seeking a way to implement their ultimate big-government agenda item.
  • Frequent Townhall Magazine contributor Matthew Vadum lays out the ugly truth about a far-Left organization. “Big Abortion, Big Eugenics, Big Business” reveals that Planned Parenthood, America’s foremost abortion provider, has found that killing babies—especially in minority communities—is good business. And their political friends in Washington are keeping the taxpayer money flowing.
  • Fred Lucas, a Townhall Magazine contributing editor, lays out the eerie and disconcerting similarities between the Obama and Nixon administrations in “Nixon Redux.”

  • Townhall national political reporter Jillian Bandes takes a look at the government’s growing role in getting more people into college and asks, “Is that such a good idea?”

I’ve written for TM in the past, and I’ve been a subscriber for years.  Now that we’re part of the Salem Communications team, it’s a good time for Hot Air readers to get a look at an excellent monthly compendium of news, analysis, and entertainment.  Two of your favorite bloggers will shortly begin regular contributions to Townhall Magazine, too.  Don’t miss out!

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