Video: The kind of Democratic outreach GOP can expect at summit

Pardon us for not being terribly impressed by Rep. Anthony Weiner’s outrageous outrage over Republican resistance to ObamaCare, or even their supposed ownership by health insurers, as Weiner somewhat incoherently rants in this long clip from the House floor. First off, as John McCormack points out, Weiner has a “Property of the Health-Care Industry” tattooed on his own backside (right underneath the word “Unions!” in a heart, and just above “Trial Lawyers 4evah”). Weiner’s grasp of “competition” is also somewhat less than stellar; he claims that the Republicans rejected Democratic proposals to increase competition in ObamaCare, but what he means is that the GOP — and not just a few Democrats — don’t consider creating a government program to be competition, but a way for government to eliminate competition, just as they have proposed doing in the student loan program (via Instapundit):

Finally, the sanctimoniousness of Weiner demanding reasonableness is just a wee bit overwrought. Let’s not forget that it was Weiner who went on MS-NBC and demanded “Medicare for all” and the elimination of private health insurance — and the nationalization of the health-care industry. If Republicans lack trust in Weiner’s efforts to reassure them, they have plenty of reason for it.

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