CPAC Interviewers: Bloggers and friends

These are the people I know both professionally and personally from the world of blogging. Without a doubt, the most gratifying part of CPAC is being able to make contact with the great writers and thinkers on the Right who make their contribution through blogging or by supporting other bloggers. My one regret is not getting even more of my friends on camera; by the time I was finished with CPAC I was bone tired, but I could have done another few hours of these.

Thanks to all of the fine people on Bloggers Row who made CPAC such a great experience.

Bruce Carroll from Gay Patriot. This interview is a good one to headline, as it hits directly on one of the controversies that arose at CPAC, and one that had been building for weeks. Bruce brings us up to date and talks about feeling accepted by conservatives at his first CPAC:

Rob Bluey, Heritage Foundation:

Alan Koenig, Liberty Ship cruises:

Fausta Wertz, Faustasblog:

Evan Sayet, conservative comedian and speaker:

Andrew Ian Dodge:

Tommy Christopher and Caleb Howe:


Yid with Lid and Steveegg:

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