Video: My response to Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow on race and hypocrisy

Tommy Christopher asked me a couple of questions that came from our friends at MS-NBC, Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow, and gave me plenty of videotape roll to answer both at length. Actually, Tommy meant to build an entire series of people at CPAC answering both of these questions, the first of which Tommy meant to debunk and the second of which he meant seriously. Olbermann’s “Where are all the people of color at the Tea Parties?” got answered yesterday by Randy Haddock in video format. However, the second one — “Why do members of Congress claim credit for pork that they publicly opposed?” — exposes an affliction common to both parties, and explains the corrosive effect pork has on our politics:

For my money, MS-NBC would be a lot better network if it tried hunting for the monumental hypocrisies that exist in Washington and a lot less time blaming the unpopularity of their misanthropic vision on racism that’s not there. The country would be better off, too.

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