CPAC: A look inside XPAC

Kirsten takes us on a brief tour of XPAC 2010, the alternative experience offered by Kevin McCullough and Stephen Baldwin parallel to the CPAC convention. It had a big night on Friday, when a number of GOP candidates arrived to address the crowd and the stars from Autotune the News provided the entertainment. Kirsten, known as Kburd in the BMX Radio Now chatroom, gives us a quick look at the calm before the next storm on Saturday.

Kevin told me that XPAC hosted the Fox Strategy Room on Friday, and he’s getting requests to take this on the road at other events. Keep an eye out for XPAC — and if you come to CPAC 2011, plan to spend some significant time at XPAC.

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Duane Patterson 2:01 PM on June 05, 2023