Video: The boss wins the highest honor for a conservative

Yes, it’s Keith Olbermann’s Worst Person in the World, awarded to Michelle for dreadfully exploiting the death of John Murtha by … writing about his corruption and his smear of Marines in the Haditha incident. Story Balloon clips the video to isolate this craziness, in which Olbermann doesn’t actually attempt to refute anything in Michelle’s column from Friday, reviewing Murtha’s career in Congress and his various scandals, including his narrow miss at indictment in Abscam.

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Bear in mind that this column ran four days after Murtha’s death, certainly enough time for criticisms of his peccadilloes to be discussed in open conversation. And also bear in mind that Olby himself didn’t mind exploiting storm-related deaths in a previous WPITW segment to go after the grandchildren of Senator James Inhofe as a rather cheap way to take shots at their grandfather. Apparently, it’s exploitation for me but not for thee at MS-NBC.

As for which person the world will remember longer, I’d guess that both Michelle and Keith will be long remembered. And that may not be such a good thing … for Keith “Pickup Trucks are Racist” Olbermann.

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