Beck: Maybe both parties aren't the same

Relax, Beck fans — Glenn isn’t going soft on Republicans, whom he diagnoses as “Suck-o-Rama.” He’s not even really complaining about the Democrats being worse, but merely noting that Barack Obama is in a Rama all by himself. Beck uses his chalkboard to do a comparison between deficits as a percentage of GDP from actual budgets during the Bush and Clinton presidencies to the White House projections for future budget deficits under the Obama plan. In fact, Beck generously attributes 2009 to Bush, even though Bush never signed that budget, and offers to disregard this year’s deficit (projected at 10.6% of GDP). It doesn’t help.

With Obama promising to start getting tough on deficits, Beck wonders just how many terms of office Obama plans on winning to get around to it (via The Right Scoop):

I don’t know how many terms Obama plans on winning, but unless he gets spending and deficits down and employment up, he’ll have won his last term in 2008.

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