New feminist spin on Tebow ad: We were joking, but, um, not really

Via Greg Hengler, the spokeswoman from the Womens Media Center attempts to back away — somewhat — from earlier allegations that the Focus on the Family ad run during the Super Bowl encouraged violence against women. Megyn Kelly laughs out loud at the new spin, which is a late shift to counter the criticism that NOW and other feminist groups never bothered to mention the Snickers ad in their outrage over Tim Tebow tackling his mother, and that ad featured a much older Betty White and Abe Vigoda both being tackled. All three were obviously gags, but Shelby Knox kept trying to argue yesterday that it was “bizarre” and some sort of indication of latent hostility towards women and the elderly:

It’s a “distraction from the real point,” all right — the real point being that NOW and other feminist groups who claim to back choice are really only acting as mouthpieces for the abortion industry.  After all, nothing in the Tebow ad mentions abortion at all; it just celebrates the choice Pam Tebow made in continuing her pregnancy.  If Knox, WMC, and NOW are all about choice, isn’t this just as valid a choice as an abortion?  And if so, why does such a positive story about this choice remain so threatening to them that they have to hyperventilate about “elderly abuse” to cover their tracks?

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David Strom 9:21 PM on June 01, 2023