Stimulus may save or create one job, anyway

We’ve long disparaged the “saved or created jobs” metric that the White House alternately heralds or eschews, depending on the political desperation of the President at any given moment.  However, we may be forced to admit that one person, at least, may find employment as a direct consequence of the Porkulus package: Marco Rubio.  The newly-minted frontrunner in the GOP primary for Florida’s open Senate seat planned on launching a big campaign event tomorrow with the nickname “Stimulus Bomb,” hoping to raise $787,000 in a day — which, not coincidentally, is 1/1,000,000th of the Porkulus package’s initial price (since hiked to $865 billion by the CBO):

Rubio already has a big head start on that goal. He’s at $482,000 as of 10 am ET today, over halfway before the day even arrives. Consider this a stimulus package of its own … a stimulus from people tired of top-down government mandates and profligate spending.

Marco Rubio will join me today in a very special edition of The Ed Morrissey Show, which starts at 3 pm ET. Be sure to join us!

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