Video: The first ultra-scary Tebow ad for Focus on the Family

Steven Ertelt at LifeNews got an advance look at the Focus on the Family ad for this evening’s Super Bowl [see update below — for the pre-game], featuring Pam Tebow and her son Tim. The ad, which created a firestorm of controversy, shockingly depicts a mother proud of her son, who “almost didn’t make it into this world,” and even more horrifyingly notes that “I love him.” Next thing you know, Super Bowl ads will talk about apple pie, hot dogs, and the American flag. It’s a slippery slope, I tell you:

Besides calling her Heisman Trophy winning son a “miracle baby,” the ad never discusses explicitly the heartbreaking choice offered to Pam Tebow during her pregnancy. For that, the ad refers viewers back to Focus on the Family. Just remember that this was the commercial that infuriated feminists when you’re watching the GoDaddy commercials and skimpily-dressed women selling beer. Be sure to check LifeNews for the transcript.

Update: This is one of two commercials — the other one will run during the game, and that will be the more “controversial” spot. This is the pre-game ad, which is running now.

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