Horror: Gametime Tebow ad features domestic violence! Update: Prediction fulfilled

Via Story Balloon, the actual game-time ad featuring Pam and Tim Tebow turned out to be a funnier version of the first one, where Tim tackles his mom — who then worries that he may not be as tough as she is. It’s cute, completely non-threatening, and utterly unobjectionable.

Which means, of course, that the people who shrieked over CBS’ completely understandable decision to allow Focus on the Family to buy ad space will have to find some reason to justify their panic.  Want to bet that someone will gripe about making light of domestic violence?

Meanwhile, GoDaddy managed to avoid the wrath of feminists while continuing its one-note campaign.  Well, two notes, actually.

Update: And you thought I was kidding

Update II: Omri Ceren takes a trip down Memory Lane on outrage over violence against women and the Left.

Update III: Another entry in the predictable spin.  At least I got one Super Bowl prediction right!

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