Hope and Change: New VA governor wants to privatize liquor sales

Voters looking for Hope and Change in Washington DC may want to look to their immediate south. Bob McDonnell won convincingly over Creigh Deeds in the first of three election setbacks for Democrats in the last three months, promising common-sense conservatism over increased statism and government control.  The new governor has found his first project in rolling back the power of the state — eliminating the Virginia monopoly on liquor sales.  Reason TV’s Nick Gillespie brings us the story:

Challenging the statist status quo is one way for a Republican to get off to an excellent start.  What possible reason could the state have in prohibiting the free market from distributing a legal product?  The very notion of a state-owned liquor store, even outside of a government-imposed monopoly, should offend people.  What’s next — state-run tire centers for outfitting cars on public roads?  A state monopoly of grocery stores?  Not only does this set the right tone in Virginia and break from the previous direction under Democrat Tim Kaine’s governance, it’s practically inarguable as a policy.

Gov. Bob McDonnell will be delivering the State of the Union response speech tomorrow — a thankless job in any circumstances.  If he can keep his sense of humor and wit, he may be one of the few who can transcend the disadvantages of that position.

Update: The monopoly in VA only applies to liquor, not beer or wine as I wrote earlier.  Thanks to David H for the correction.