Obamateurism of the Day

Maybe someone should have clued Barack Obama in to what Martha Coakley was about to say in her speech on Sunday. After Coakley demonized Scott Brown as a lackey of Wall Street who wanted to sell out Massachusetts voters to fat-cat bankers, John at Verum Serum caught Obama warning the crowd about … well …

You know how politics is [sic]. At times like this, there are always those who are eager to exploit that pain and anger to score a few political points. There are always folks who, you know, think that the best way to solve the, these problems is to demonize others. And unfortunately, we’re seeing some of that politics in Massachusetts today.

Yes. In fact, people saw a great example of it twenty minutes earlier, Mr. President. It’s one of the many reasons you lost your supermajority in the Senate and a Republican won for the first time in Massachusetts in 38 years.

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