Desperation time: DSCC suddenly buys $570K in MA ad time

How worried have Democrats become about the special Senate election in Massachusetts?  The DSCC has suddenly shifted over a half-million dollars into last-minute ad buys in Boston and Springfield to shore up Martha Coakley’s campaign:

The DSCC will launch ads on behalf of AG Martha Coakley (D) as she battles to preserve Dems’ 60-seat majority in the Senate.

The DSCC has purchased $567K in ads in the Boston and Springfield markets, a source tells Hotline OnCall.

The move is the most overt DC Dems have made so far in shoring up their candidate in the race against state Sen. Scott Brown (R), demonstrating the party’s worry that Brown is gaining ground ahead of next Tuesday’s election.

Earlier, the MA Dems, in concert with Coakley’s campaign, launched a 2-day ad blitz in the same 2 markets at a cost of $288K.

That’s over $800,000 from the party in just 48 hours.  And they’re not buying ads because they’re believing that Boston Globe poll that puts Coakley up 15 points over Scott Brown, either.  The fact that they have to have an ad buy in Boston should be rather unnerving for Democrats around the country.  Democrats own Boston — or at least they did.

Meanwhile, what’s Coakley doing today?  Knocking on doors, meeting with voters, addressing the issues?  According to CNN’s Ed Henry on his Twitter feed, not exactly:

Coakley obviously needs some late cash, but good idea to be hanging with DC lobbyists one week before Election Day instead of campaigning?

It’s a good idea if you’re out of cash and have to get bailed out of a bad campaign effort by the state and national party organizations.  Speaking of which, that money may have been earmarked for other races, like Nevada, Arkansas, and Connecticut.  Massachusetts was supposed to be a lock.  If they have to flood the zone in Boston, what does that say for the DSCC’s chances in November in purple and red states?