Video: Coulter, Sharpton square off over Reid remarks

Jim Hoft says that Ann Coulter ate Al Sharpton’s lunch in this clip, but Sharpton keeps fighting all the way to the end of this conversation … where Coulter’s last zinger pretty much stuns Sharpton into a silent scowl.  Sharpton keeps asking which Republican the Democrats have gone after for latent racism — and while Coulter misses the chance to say it, an entire nation of Tea Party activists certainly were clearing their throats:

He can’t be serious in arguing that the only Republican or conservative demagogued as a racist in the past ten years has been Trent Lott, can he?  That attack is Sharpton’s stock in trade.  He’d be unemployed without it.

Meanwhile, Tucker Carlson launches his new website, The Daily Caller, with this report on Reid’s chances — as seen by Democrats on Capitol Hill:

The first signs of abandonment from within Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s own party emerged Sunday, as some Democrats said his racially charged comments about President Obama have placed his already perilous reelection prospects on the precipice.

“He’s in deep trouble, I think,” said one senior aide to a member of the House Democratic leadership. “Even with the apology, no matter what it’s a negative thing. There are a lot of minorities that vote [in Nevada].”

Asked whether lawmakers who are next in line to be majority leader – such as Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York, or Sen. Dick Durbin of Illinois – would begin to target Reid, the senior Democrat said there would be no point.

“Why throw more gas on the fire when he appears to be going down anyway?” the aide said.

Another senior House Democratic leadership aide described his reaction when he learned of Reid’s comments: “My jaw dropped.”

I doubt that Coulter’s prediction will have a chance to come true.  At some point, Reid will take the advice of Markos Moulitsas and clear the field for another Democrat to attempt to hold the seat.  However, Nevada is not Connecticut.  Another Democrat won’t get front-runner status simply by showing up.  Nevadans are more conservative and aren’t likely to take a test drive with a new Democrat, not after two years of the radical Obama-Pelosi-Reid agenda.