Video: Schwarzenegger calls ObamaCare a "ripoff"

When exactly did California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger discover that ObamaCare was nothing more than a “ripoff”? Despite that the fact that the states would get stuck with huge increases in Medicaid had been apparent since the first drafts of the bill in Congress in the summer, Schwarzenegger only had his Road to Damascus moment when Ben Nelson cut a better deal with Harry Reid in the Senate bill than either of his two useless Senate Democrats, Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein. Now the Governator has belatedly come out full force against ObamaCare, probably too late to undo the damage he did by providing Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Reid with a fig leaf of bipartisanship over the last few months:

It’s amusing to see Schwarzenegger whine about vote buying, as though he suddenly discovered it for the first time. Er, what political family did Arnold marry into? Pretty sure it wasn’t the Pauls. For his shock, shock! to find that vote-buying exists in the era of HopeandChange, the Governator gets a richly-deserved Captain Louis Renault Award. Oh, and as for his wandering off of the ObamaCare reservation the last couple of weeks? Don’t worry; as soon as Reid and Pelosi strip out the Nelson deal (which has become an albatross to Nelson anyway), he’ll be back.