Disturbance on today's Amsterdam-Detroit flight on Northwest

I just got back to the computer this afternoon to discover this:

The same Detroit-bound Northwest Airlines flight that was attacked on Christmas Day saw another security scare Sunday after a confrontation with a sick passenger, officials said.

Security and airline personnel have been on edge since authorities charged a passenger from Nigeria with attempting to detonate a hidden explosive device while his flight from Amsterdam approached Detroit on Friday.

In the Sunday incident, the flight crew became concerned after the man – also Nigerian – became sick and spent about an hour locked in the bathroom, officials said.

Given the attempt to blow yesterday’s flight out of the air, no one can blame the Northwest crew from using all available caution in dealing with this situation.  As it turned out, the passenger turned out to be a “legitimate businessman,” ABC News reports, who was legitimately ill:

Post-flight interviews by investigators determined the passenger was a legitimate businessman who posed no security threat to the plane, the two law enforcement officials said. …

No devices have been found on the plane and investigators say no apparent threats were made, reports CBS News correspondent Bob Orr.

The boss wonders when we can expect a lawsuit from CAIR, but I suspect that even CAIR isn’t foolish enough to insert themselves into this situation — at least, not yet.

Update: A good point to remember from the comments — Abdulmutallab also spent 20 minutes in the lavatory pretending to be sick while working on his Fruit of the Booms.  This one may be a legitimate businessman … or he could be someone testing responses for other less legitimate travelers to come later.