Video: CBS reports on vote-buying in ObamaCare bill

When CBS Evening News reports on Democratic corruption, we know that the story has gotten legs. Katie Couric and Wyatt Andrews throw in an obligatory “Republicans did it too” moment, but other than about fifteen seconds, the CBS pair keeps the heat on Democrats:

What Andrews misses in his tu quoque is that it was a Republican Congress that admonished Tom DeLay for attempting to trade favors for votes.  The GOP may have porked up Congress for a decade and undermined their credibility by doing so, but at least they had some limits and a sense of shame strong enough to publicly rebuke their own leadership for arguably corrupt practices.  Couric points out the difference without making it explicit; while Republicans admonished their own leader for these kinds of shenanigans, Democrats don’t feel a need to put on even a pretense of shame.

In other words, they’re shameless in their pursuit of power through the culture of corruption — and when even CBS notices the stench from a Democratic Congress, it must be getting very bad indeed.