Rock the Vote tries out new strategy for ObamaCare

I don’t share Sammy’s outrage over this NSFW strategy to proseltyze the youth of our nation into ObamaCare, but I do find it amusingly ignorant on at least two points. Besides, it’s not even all that original. Ad-hoc efforts like this pop up once in a while on YouTube, although perhaps not on such an established site like Rock the Vote (which is also supposedly non-partisan). It could be hard time for cougars, poachers, and others looking to hook up or try out some of the more exotic menu items from GLSEN’s curriculum if RtV succeeds:

Why ignorant? First, the young people to whom they’re preaching largely avoid buying health insurance, and for good reason. They don’t need to spend $3600 per year (Minnesota’s average in 2007) to cover a couple of doctor visits every year. They’re better off buying catastrophic health insurance, rather than the mandated comprehensive coverage under ObamaCare, and use HSAs to pay for their health care with tax-free cash. That’s what Keith Olbermann does, after all, and he’s a lot older than the RtV target audience.

Who benefits from this push? The young adults don’t; they’re going to pay a lot more than they receive. Insurance companies will benefit by forcing them into the system, reducing the risk and spreading the costs over a wider base. I don’t consider insurance companies evil, but many of the ObamaCare advocates do — and yet they’re pushing their followers to subsidize slight declines in health insurance premiums for the older generations in America. It’s just like Social Security, only with a worse payoff in the end.

Finally, the irony of this campaign is that young adults would probably remain healthier if they abstained in the first place. Maybe sleeping with cougars and hot Colombian women sounds good, but promiscuity in practice means greater transmission of disease, especially during flu season. Don’t tell Joe Biden, but it’s even more risky than public transportation!