Video: Second-most pathetic book promotion idea

Apparently, David Plouffe has had some trouble selling his new book, The Audacity to Win, and needs Sarah Palin’s help to generate some sales. Politico’s Ben Smith reports that Plouffe has launched an effort to outsell Sarah Palin for one day — tomorrow — as a means to generate some positive spin for his campaign memoir. Apparently, Democrats rely on Palin for income more than Republicans:

David Plouffe, in a 2008-throwback, message-heavy, direct-to-camera video, rallies Obama supporters to “see if we can use some of our old organizing techniques and spread the word” — to sell more copies of Plouffe’s book than Sarah Palin’s.

“If you weren’t planning to buy the book please don’t … but if you were planning to do it and haven’t bought it, December 8 would be a good time,” he says a bit diffidently, suggesting the book could be purchased “perhaps as a holiday gift.”

This is not quite as pathetically parasitic than The Nation’s attempt to recycle its old Palin columns in a copycat cover and title, Going Rouge, but it’s close. Can’t Plouffe market his book without relying on the Left’s favorite bogeywoman? Are sales so bad that he needs to frame his promotion around the wildly successful competing campaign memoir from the former Republican VP candidate?

For those inclined to answer Plouffe, here’s the link to support the competition:

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