Video: Vaclav Klaus calls AGW "cheap argumentation"

Vaclav Klaus tells Peter Robinson of the Hoover Institution that anthropogenic global warming is nothing more than a politician’s myth, based on the need of government leaders to either pander or panic, depending on the agenda. The president of the Czech Republic has had a ringside view of political systems that use panic and pandering as excuses for state interventions in production, of course, but Klaus mainly ridicules those who participate in it. For one thing, Klaus points out, they’re promising deliverables on due dates that will likely come long after their own deaths, which hardly equates to any sense of political courage anyway (via Story Balloon, Gateway Pundit and Blue Collar Philosophy):

As Klaus points out, AGW is a politician’s dream. It gives them an altruistic excuse to demand and exercise power over other people’s property. They don’t have to worry about producing any results themselves from that exercise of power. And the metrics of the issue are so amorphous that they can declare success at any time. It reminds one of Porkulus, doesn’t it?