Gallup: Opposition to ObamaCare almost at majority ... of adults

Whatever uncertainty Americans feel about ObamaCare has begun to dissipate, and in the wrong direction for Barack Obama and the Democrats.  Over the last month, the number of undecided respondents on Gallup’s question of whether American adults would advise their Congressman to vote for or against ObamaCare slid 11 points, while the overall disapproval of the bill itself hit 49%, as opposed to 44% approval:

Americans currently tilt against Congress’ passing healthcare legislation, with 49% saying they would advise their member to vote against a bill (or they lean that way) and 44% saying they would advocate a vote in favor of the bill (or lean toward advising a yes vote). …

Republicans are overwhelmingly opposed to new healthcare legislation — 86% would advise their member of Congress to vote against it, while 12% would want their member to support it. Democrats, on the other hand, favor it by a 76% to 17% margin. Independents oppose passage of a bill by 53% to 37%.

Support among all three party groups has declined since the early October high — falling by 6 points among Democrats, 8 among independents, and 12 among Republicans. However, Democratic support recovered somewhat from early November (71%) to late November (76%).

Without leaners, the picture looks just as grim for ObamaCare advocates.  Only 35% of adults — not registered or likely voters — support the bill, while 42% oppose it.  Not only is the latter the highest level of opposition so far this year, it’s higher than support ever reached this year, too.  Support rebounded from a low of 29% in October, but only claimed about half of those who made up their minds in that period.

Gallup doesn’t present any historical data on Obama’s approval rating on health care, but he’s upside-down by 13 points on this survey, 40/53.  Democrats approve of his work on the issue at 74%, but as Gallup notes, they approve overall at 80%.  Independents have Obama 25 points under water on health care, 33/58, a dangerous level of disapproval heading into the Senate debate.

Are our elected representatives listening?  They’ll listen a year from now, but if these numbers are any indication, that will be far too late.