Video: Michelle on schools teaching Obama songs

How creepy are these videos surfacing of children singing the praises of Dear Leader? A couple of them are more silly than creepy, such as the one you’ll hear that just consists of hosannas set to “Go Tell It On the Mountain” — ironically, a gospel song that in its original form would probably get banned in public schools today for the line in its refrain about the birth of Jesus Christ. Most of them, though, don’t just hail Obama as a generic secular leader but actually praise his policies as well, which sounds like both a personality cult and a political indoctrination at the same time. Michelle, as usual, makes the most solid point of all:

Are test scores in these schools so good that these kids can afford to take this much time off to memorize lyrics praising Barack Obama … essentially for winning an election?  It’s precisely this kind of brainwashing that has made an industry out of the home-schooling impulse and fuels the demand for school vouchers and charter schools, where parents have much more control over the education of their children.

As Sean Hannity notes, it does seem more than a little strange that the same schools that shriek at the insinuation of Christian beliefs on their campuses want to make Obama into an object of worship.  And thanks for the shout-out, Sean.

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