Obamateurism of the Day

The White House insisted that Barack Obama didn’t watch the news at all on Election Night.  They did, however, have a television show filming at 1600 Pennsylvania that evening.  Which one?  Jake Tapper tells the story:

It’s unclear which White House staffer thought it would be a good idea to have an NBC show called “The Biggest Loser” visit the White House in an episode that aired on what was shaping up to be a tough election night for President Obama and the Democratic party, but the contestants stopped by 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Tuesday night as election returns came in.

The segment featured the contestants – overweight folks trying desperately to lose weight — harvesting vegetables in First Lady Michelle Obama’s White House Kitchen Garden, with the help of assistant chef Sam Kass. … The contestants and the hosts lavished praise on the Obamas for setting a positive example on healthy eating.

Which staffer?  Sounds as if Obama himself chose to have people show up and praise his diet with the cameras rolling.  As it happens, NBC got lucky.  They managed to get footage of The Election’s Biggest Loser on Tuesday night as well.

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