Video: Noted news "organization" blasts White House stimulus numbers

Darn that Fox News! How dare they call the White House’s stimulus numbers “hard to believe”! Their biased reporting in this clip snidely says that their new report on “saved or created” jobs coming out today “won’t be worth the paper it’s printed on,” and they get some expert no one’s ever heard of to call it “useless” on their biased prime-time programming. Why, it’s a violation of the truce declared by Fox, and a …

Huh? What was that? Was that … Katie Couric? When did Katie go to Fox News?

Chip Reid’s final factoid sounds like a satire of government spending, the kind of goofy idea one would make up while shooting the bull with your college-sophomore friends.  Man, if the federal government spent $219,000 to study the sex lives of first-year female college students, you’d say, I’d apply for a job as a researcher! Seriously, who came up with this pork item anyway, Hugh Hefner?

The tone of this report on CBS, of all places, indicates that the credibility of this administration has finally begun to collapse.  When the Tiffany Network goes on the air to say that a report from Barack Obama’s White House isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on and that the previous incompetence calls into question any numbers announced today, I’d say that the honeymoon may finally be over.

So when does CBS start getting the Fox treatment by Robert Gibbs and Valerie Jarrett? (via Instapundit)

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Beege Welborn 8:01 PM on February 03, 2023