Video: Fred Thompson's ad for Douglas Hoffman

Do you think that Newt Gingrich will pick up the phone to tell Fred Thompson that he’s “misinformed”?  I wouldn’t mind hearing that conversation.  Former Senator and presidential aspirant Thompson’s ad hit last night:

If you back Hoffman over Dede Scozzafava, Newt says you’re just not paying attention:

There’s more than a whiff of desperation in this attempt to paint Scozzafava as the true conservative in this race. Gingrich would do better to argue for party loyalty than to defend Scozzafava as a Reagan Republican.

Fred’s ad will play in NY-23, while Fred sends this out to his PAC to get more Hoffman contributions:

TO:     FredPAC Supporters

FROM:   Will Andrews

Exciting news!

As you know, Senator Thompson has been actively backing Conservative Republican candidate Doug Hoffman for Congress in a Special Election in New York.

Just moments ago, a TV commercial was released featuring Senator Thompson.  The Hoffman campaign is airing the spot throughout the district in the final days! …

This ad will help “seal the deal” – it sets out clearly what is at stake in this election.

Your support of Fred PAC is making it possible for real, conservatives dedicated to First Principles to advance throughout the country.  But there is still so much more to do.

Please, if at all possible, send the largest contribution you can to Fred PAC today.  You can donate by going to

A victory in New York next week will be a resounding call to arms for all conservatives in America.  Please do all you can to help spread the message to return our nation to the Founding Principles.

Newt’s talking about a 2012 run at the Presidency, but if he keeps defending Scozzafava, he may become a Party of One.