Matthews: Religious right in US most like ... the Taliban

That must be from all of the times the Religious Right throws acid in women’s faces, or bars girls from attending schools, or beat barbers in the streets for trimming beards. Right? Because when the Religious Right set up their dictatorship in America, they were just like the Taliban, according to Chris Matthews. Why Frank Gaffney even bothered to appear on MS-NBC in the first place is anyone’s guess:

Maybe the Taliban is the new Godwin’s Law in American politics — the example (unfortunately contemporaneous rather than historical) onto which weak intellects fall when they can’t actually make an argument. How exactly are the religious Right like the Taliban, even in Matthews’ fevered mind? Well, they’re both religious, and they’re both politically active — if one equates engaging in the democratic process here in America with stonings, shari’a law, and terrorist attacks on civilians elsewhere.

To Matthews’ first point, the Afghans just did hold an election, and Hamid Karzai — who has desperately requested that NATO keep fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan — won a plurality. No candidate who even suggested a truce came close. Maybe if MS-NBC was an actual news channel, Matthews would already know that.

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