Breaking: New ACORN video from Philadelphia

Surprise! ACORN and its defenders, including the media, have tried to argue that the organization was not totally corrupt because James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles got tossed out of its Philadelphia office.  Media Matters even went so far as to air an interview with ACORN office director Katherine Conway-Russell that asserted that she refused to help them, called the cops, and threw them out.  Big Government has now released some of the video of that visit — and it appears that a lot of media outlets will have some retractions to write this afternoon:

Big Government will air the full, unedited video and audio streams later today or tomorrow, in order to demonstrate the poor performance of the media in this story.  Bertha Lewis and ACORN will be shown to have lied, and outlets like the Washington Post and Philadelphia Inquirer will have to scrape the egg off of their faces for accepting their word at face value.

At Western CPAC, Andrew Breitbart described himself as a “merry prankster” in the media.  He’s certainly got reason for merriment today.