Video: Biden says "It's a depression"

Via Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit, we have Vice President Joe “Loose Cannon” on video raining on Barack Obama’s Chip Diller “All is well!” approach to the economy. While the White House touts statements from some economists who believe the recession has ended, Biden told an audience that we’re not only coming out of the problem, it’s worse than you think:

Sean Hannity begs Obama to lend Biden just one of his teleprompters, but remember what happened the last time Obama lent Biden a TOTUS?  Better to just keep Joe at an undisclosed location as often as possible.

Biden didn’t limit the embarrassment to economics, either.  As Andrew Malcolm reports, Biden also got a chance to exercise his fabulist impulses by rewriting the script on how exactly he came to be Obama’s flunking flunky.  In his previous version, he accepted when Obama called him at the dentist’s office, in the middle of a root canal, when Obama promised Biden that he’d have a substantive role in the administration.  In the new version, Biden made Obama ask twice and changed the promise into something less self-serving:

“I initially said no,” Biden said tonight, according to press pool notes, “that I wasn’t interested.”

Biden said the freshman Illinois senator asked the longtime Delaware senator to think about it.

According to tonight’s version, “a couple months later,” a persistent Obama repeated the offer in a hotel room in Minneapolis.

According to Biden, he looked at Obama and said, “Are you really committed to changing the course of this country?”

Biden recounted tonight, “He reached out, shook my hand and said, ‘I am[.]'”

Anyone think Obama might be wishing he’d picked Evan Bayh instead?

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