WCPAC interview with Rep. Dana Rohrabacher

In the last of the videos I have from Western CPAC, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher meets with the bloggers to discuss the direction of conservatism, his reaction to the call to impeach Barack Obama, and Afghanistan, among a wide variety of topics. Rohrabacher has a reputation for iconoclasm and direct talk, which should make him a favorite among bloggers, and this interview also shows his lack of patience for dealing with fools. Rather than giving an overall analysis, I’ll just toss a few quotes here to whet appetites, because the entire video is well worth watching:

  • “Barack Obama’s world vision comes from a Marxist background … I see him as someone who is honestly trying to do what he thinks is right … but we do need to recognize that his world view will lead us into a place that is totally contradictory to what American tradition is all about.”
  • On the call to impeach Obama: “I think that is total nonsense and counterproductive.  … The people making statements like that are trying to raise money from the conservative movement.  … The people elected Obama as President.  We have to face that.”
  • Why he didn’t support removing Rangel from his Ways & Means chair: “When I saw what happened to Tom Delay … just for being accused [of wrongdoing] … that was an abomination of justice.  … I don’t think we should treat Rangel or anyone else as guilty until proven innocent.”
  • On health care players allying with the administration: “You can’t rely on Big Business to do what’s right. … I think that 70% of the doctors don’t agree with [ObamaCare]. … We can succeed if we play it right.  We shouldn’t be talking about impeaching Obama, we should be talking about ObamaCare!”
  • On Tea Parties and the GOP: “Either we side with the patriots, or we won’t win.”
  • Obama’s Afghanistan policy: “I don’t know what it is yet, but I do know that sending 35,000 more American troops makes no sense at all.”

I don’t agree with everything Rohrabacher says here, perhaps most especially on Afghanistan, but he’s much more right than wrong. He doesn’t hold back, either.

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