Rush to buy the Rams?

Well, they’re certainly going to go for a bargain rate this season, and Rush Limbaugh is a man who knows a deal when he sees it.  Other than broaching the possibility of buying the franchise from the estate of Georgia Frontiere, Rush isn’t discussing any of the details.  One thing for certain — we know he has the means:

Conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh says he is teaming up with St. Louis Blues owner Dave Checketts in a bid to buy the St. Louis Rams. ….

Forbes magazine has estimated the Rams franchise has a value of $929 million.

This year, that comes to about $100 million per point scored.  Zing!

I was in LA when Frontiere moved the Rams to St. Louis, and I’ve rooted against them ever since.  Frontiere ran the team into the ground in Southern California, either out of incompetence or as a deliberate strategy to weaken the fan base and justify a move to her native St. Louis.  Few people minded when the Raiders moved back to the Bay area after a stint in LA, but the relocation of the Rams was an insult to the area.  Frontiere didn’t even have the excuse of being stuck in the Coliseum, as abortive attempts to land an expansion franchise have attempted to do.  Anaheim ruined the Big A to turn it into a football field for Frontiere, and she wasted the investment.

Rush is known to be a Steelers fan, but the Rooneys do not want to part with that franchise, even in portions.  If Rush buys the Rams, it will be fascinating to see what kind of owner he would be.  I’m thinking a cross of the best qualities of Jerry Jones and Mark Cuban.  One thing is certain: it will annoy all the right people.

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