Defending the Dream interview: Leslie Carbone, Slaying Leviathan; Update: Video reloaded

I spent my sixth blogiversary by mostly not blogging, ironically, at the Defending the American Dream Summit in Washington DC. Technical issues have interrupted a lot of what I’ve wanted to do — not to mention a canceled flight that wound up killing just about a full day of blogging — but the conference itself has been tremendous. I’ll speak tomorrow in the general session on the topic of tax reform, which makes my meeting with author Leslie Carbone even more serendipitous. Leslie just published a new book on the moral implications of tax reform titled Slaying Leviathan: The Moral Case for Tax Reform. I interviewed Leslie on my new Flip Ultra HD camera, which I’m fortunate to have since my normal method of using Ustream won’t work here with the intermittent networking issues.

My speech this morning should be carried on C-SPAN between 9-noon ET this morning, so be sure to catch it.

Update: Not sure what went wrong with the video; will try fixing shortly.

Update II: I’m uploading the video now through YouTube instead. Part 1 is up; Part II will be up shortly. Thanks for your patience.

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