Video: Sarkozy assesses Obama

Jack Kelly tells Fox News that his sources say that French president Nicolas Sarkozy considers Barack Obama “incredibly naive and grossly egotistical,” which says something coming from France. Naivete can be cured if the afflicted is willing to learn, but Kelly also says that Sarkozy is convinced that “nothing can dent [Obama’s] naivete,” a quality that we have learned the hard way during the health-care debate. Gateway Pundit has the video, which will reaffirm conservative evaluations of President Obama but little else:

Of course, in another context, this could be portrayed as strength and resolve rather than obstinacy and ignorance. It depends on the context. For instance, when George W. Bush acted in dissonance from our European allies, many accused him of being ignorant and addicted to a “cowboy mentality”, which sounds a lot like “naive and egotistical”. And for conservatives, we would probably scoff at Obama if he got resounding support from France, which puts him in a lose-lose situation here.

It’s best to stick with our own assessments, which in this case, already fit perfectly with Sarkozy’s analysis before the French president ever met him.