Reason TV: Cracking the education monopoly

A month ago, the Los Angeles Unified School District chose to privatize more than 250 of its campuses in a desperate attempt to reverse decades of decline in the nation’s second-largest school district. Reason TV looks at the potential for an education in American education in this decision, which could unlock the government and teachers-union monopoly on the direction of public schools:

At the time, I wrote that this would have that effect, especially when scores and graduation rates improve. The unions insist that the only difference between charter schools and normal public schools is that parents get more involved in the former, but that’s because parents can get involved in shaping the curriculum at these alternatives. They do not get shut out by a sclerotic union-protection system and a picket fence of federal and state mandates. That allows parents to make a difference, which encourages participation.

Listen to the few arguments from the anti-choice side in this clip. One union official claims that the very word “choice” in this context relates to slavery and Jim Crow. With idiots like that in charge of the schools, it’s no small wonder that parents have had enough.

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