Another example of waste and abuse

What does $10 million in Congressional pork buy?  Lots of bureaucrats and a pat on the back from constituents, instead of a kick somewhere farther south.  The Raleigh News-Observer reports that an earmark pushed by Rep. David Price (D-NC) intended, supposedly, to increase services to North Carolinian National Guard families has spent $7.3 million over the last five years and helped next to no one — except bureaucrats and Price’s hometown university:

In 2004, U.S. Rep. David Price inserted a $10 million program into the federal budget, sending the money to UNC-Chapel Hill for a new effort to help deployed soldiers of the National Guard and Army Reserves.

Five years later, the Citizen Soldier Support Program has spent $7.3 million, but the money has accomplished little for the people it was supposed to help. One-quarter of the money has gone to the university for overhead, and a large part of the rest has been spent on well-paid consultants, six-figure salaries and travel.

Half of the eight full-time employees are paid more than $100,000 a year, including a deputy director who has been reimbursed $76,000 for food, travel and lodging when she commutes from her home in northern Virginia to North Carolina.

An internal review found that the program produced reams of paperwork but few concrete results.

It takes the N-O eleven paragraphs to identify Price as a Democrat, a solid entry for a Name That Party contest.

What does this most resemble?  Porkulus.  The Obama administration’s stimulus package has created few jobs except those of high-paid bureaucrats, and have saved none except for state paper-pushers whose jobs got rescued from overdue re-evaluations.  In this case, though, we only lost $10 million, instead of the $787 billion allocated by Price’s Democratic colleagues to a wide variety of pork projects, most of which will produce similar results as the CSSP — zero.

Update: Raleigh, not Charlotte, which I knew; my apologies.

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