Video: Obama's credibility is leaking, not "precious bodily fluids"

Actually, the latter is more Pete Stark’s thing than Barack Obama’s, but Chris Matthews must be running out of analogies to keep the thrill running up his leg these days. Matthews held a roundtable with Howard Fineman of Newsweek and Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post — who had his own skepticism about the ObamaCare proposals and their cost-reduction measures — about why Obama’s “mojo” seems to be on the fritz. Their conclusion? It must be … Afghanistan:

It’s not often you see this amount of willful cluelessness on prime-time television … well, outside of MS-NBC, anyway. Perhaps Robinson and Co. can play us video clips of all those town-hall debates and protests over the Afghanistan war, or all of the national debate that took place over it this summer.  Did a million Americans march on Washington DC ten days ago to protest our war policy?  Or was it to protest the radical big-government agenda of the Democrats in power?

Why is the media blitz not working for Obama?  It has nothing to do with “precious bodily fluids,” a rather creepy issue for Matthews to fixate on, and everything to do with credibility.  Americans have been rejecting Obama’s arguments for months, and Obama has yet to make any new ones.  Every time Obama appears on TV to deliver the same tired arguments that they’ve already rejected, the more he looks like an empty suit to Americans.  (via Jim at Radio Vice Online)

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David Strom 8:41 PM on January 30, 2023