Another ACORN job bites the dust

Maybe this will be the new attack on James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles.  They’re making the unemployment situation worse! They’ve turned into a two-person recession, now responsible for at least five jobs lost in ACORN offices across the nation.  ACORN announced that the star of the San Diego episode of Survivor: Community Organizer has just been voted off the island:

A San Diego ACORN employee who appeared to give human-smuggling advice to a pimp and prostitute in an undercover video made by conservative filmmakers has been fired, 10News’ Juliette Vara reported.

ACORN’s David Lagstein issued the following statement regarding Vera:

“After release of the second San Diego video by the unscrupulous partisan videographers, we have reevaluated our assessment of the incident that occurred last month. No paperwork was filed, but the video reflects unacceptable conduct that contradicts the earlier statements of ACORN Organizer Juan Carlos Vera. He has been terminated. San Diego ACORN and ACORN offices around the country are continuing to halt our service programs pending the results of the evaluation of the independent Advisory Council and we are continuing to fight on our campaigns: stopping foreclosures, affordable, accessible health care, and a  strong education for all children.”

Well, that’s a new one.  ACORN calls O’Keefe and Giles “unscrupulous,” and to prove it, they stand behind their employee — the better to kick him out the door.  What’s more unscrupulous: providing advice to a pimp on how to hide a child-prostitution ring, or filming a man providing advice to a pimp on how to hide a child-prostitution ring?  If ACORN wants to keep arguing the former over the latter, they’re going to find their public relations at about the NAMBLA level.

Interestingly, KGTV confirmed that Juan Carlos Vera did what the other ACORN staffers never considered: he called the cops.  National City police confirmed that Vera contacted them after O’Keefe and Giles left, but that he didn’t get enough information for them to investigate.  Unfortunately, he waters down his his own case by claiming that he only helped the pair because he thought they were in danger.  And … that’s why he called the cops afterward?

If ACORN really thought these videos didn’t represent what really happened in their offices, none of these five would be unemployed today.  That’s the bottom line here, and it speaks much louder than their silly press releases.

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Jazz Shaw 5:31 PM on February 04, 2023